Hello there

I'm currently open to hearing about UI/UX/product design opportunities in the New York area . Please don't bother if you're trying to hire a developer. I love working with them, but I am not one myself. I will also accept photos and videos of chubby cats.

Brooklyn, NY

Caitlin Osbahr is a user interface designer in Brooklyn and this is her website.

About me

Hi, I'm Caitlin – A “product mangagery” designer based in Brooklyn.

I've been working in New York for a variety of industries since graduating from Carnegie Mellon in 2008.

In 2018, I started working for Lyft, focused on improving pickups for both Riders and Drivers. I’m now leading design on features to make collaboration between the two parties safer and more effective for successful – and more enjoyable! – ride experiences.

Prior to Lyft, I joined BuzzFeed to design BuzzFeed News for Android and iOS in 2015. Following my stint working on News, I worked on on BuzzFeed's cross-platform article experience as well as our native apps, and then lead product designer for Tasty, most recently designing our iOS app and fully AMP-compatible website from the ground up.

Before BuzzFeed, I was lead product designer for Kitchensurfing, a startup that connected people with talented private chefs. My last big project there was productizing both customer and admin sides of an on-demand product.


Things I get excited about:

  • Improving real-world experiences using digital products – not just tech for tech’s sake

  • When the first veggies of the season bloom in my garden

  • Taking eggplant parmesan out of the oven

Things I am PRETTY good at:

  • Balancing speed with quality

  • Breaking down big problems into manageable iterations

  • Scrappy user research

  • Supreming citruses