Hello there

I'm currently open to hearing about UI/UX/product design opportunities in the New York area . Please don't bother if you're trying to hire a developer. I love working with them, but I am not one myself. I will also accept photos and videos of chubby cats.

Brooklyn, NY

Caitlin Osbahr is a user interface designer in Brooklyn and this is her website.

Emoji Pictionary

A BuzzFeed hack week exploration!

For BuzzFeed's inaugural Hack Week, I wanted to take the opportunity to learn some new prototyping tools. I was learning Framer for my "real work," so for this little Emoji Pictionary app, I decided I'd see how Quartz + Origami would work.

Starting a new game.

A winning guess!

Time's up!

Game over.

What I learned

The Origami toolkit has made Quartz a much easier to approach  tool since the last time I attempted to use it for prototyping, but I had some pain points with it that make me less likely to revisit it in the future, especially for "real work":

  • It's resource-intensive! This is not so much a problem in itself with a robust-enough computer, but it was challenging for a normal workflow. I couldn't multitask between mockups and prototyping, which made updating assets as I iterated a real bear.
  • Low-quality sound integration. The only way I could figure out to include sound in my prototypes was to downsample audio quite a bit – just another step in the workflow.
  • My brain just doesn't work the way Quartz does. This was the biggest challenge! I am having a much easier time with Principle (for more straightforward, imprecise animations) and Framer (when I want a lot more control).